The Castlebar Cove Committee is elected annually at the annual general meeting (which is held in October each year) and is made up of lot owners or people who act for them. The maximum number of committee members is 7. In summary the Committee is responsible for:-
  • The administrative and day–to-day running of the body corporate;
  • Making decisions on behalf of the body corporate; and
  • Putting the lawful decisions of the body corporate in place.
  The current members of the committee are-
Position Name
Chairman Michael Walton
Secretary Jim Martin
Treasurer Jenny Fox
Member Russell Brothers
Member Paul Lucas
Member Margaret Lingwood
Member Steve Robinson
Committee voting members must comply with the code of conduct for committee voting members. Amongst other things the code of conduct requires committee members to act honestly and fairly and must act in the best interest of the body corporate in performing the member’s duties. The body corporate manager and on-site caretaker are automatically non-voting members of the committee.