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On-site Caretaker service contractor/ building manager

Castlebar Cove has the benefit of an on-site building manager/caretaker service contractor who is contracted to provide services for the control, management and administration of the common property or the lots included in the scheme. The services provided by the contractor include->

  • Ensuring the Scheme is kept in first class order and repair and that the scheme appurtenances and grounds and all plant and equipment are properly maintained at all times;
  • Inspection of equipment within the common property and arrange for any maintenance or other works necessary to keep such equipment in effective working condition;
  • Manage and facilitate the carrying out of all maintenance and cleaning duties.

Caretakers/ building managers’ contact details

Service contractor/letting agentMann Investments (Qld) Pty Ltd ACN 127 141 628 –Director Lindsay W Mann
mobile0414 436 851

A caretaking service contractor must comply with the code of conduct for body corporate managers and caretaking service contractors, as well as the code of conduct for letting agents.

The code of conduct is automatically included in the terms of their engagement. If there is a difference between the code of conduct and the engagement, then the code of conduct takes precedence.

Under the code, a caretaking service contractor must, amongst other things:

  • Act honestly, fairly and professionally in doing their job
  • Act in the best interests of the body corporate (if lawful to do so)
  • Not be fraudulent or misleading
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